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Connect with any of the links below for research on a variety of subjects!

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Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits is a database developed especially for beginning researchers in Kindergarten through grade 5. The curriculum-related content is from the best elementary reference sources and magazines. the database covers a variety of subjects including geography, current events, science, health, history and more. The results are marked by reading level and children are able to select the most appropriate material for themselves.

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Getting Students Connected

Run by the Avon Maitland District School board, this website offers activities at each grade level. Select your grade and a subject to gatther information for what you are learning in school. This website is great for homework, research and fun projects!

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Canadian Geograhic CG Kids

This website of Canadian Geographic for kids has a large amount of fun facts, games, contests and homework help.

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National Geographic Kids

This website has information on history, geography, and science. The site includes many maps, pictures and descriptive information about the world.


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