Computers & Internet


The Perth East Public Library is equipped with computers for both adult and youth use. Please sign up at the Information Desk. 


The internet can be accessed through our public computers or via the wireless network for personal devices. To access from your laptop or other mobile device:

  1. Browse the available wireless networks and select Perth East_Public_Library
  2. Launch your preferred web browser. You will be prompted to agree to our Internet Access & Acceptable Use Agreement.
  3. Press Accept and you are ready to start browsing.

Wifi is only available during hours of operation.


The library provides various print and copy services for public use. Black and white and colour printing from the computer and photocopy machine can be done at the Perth East Public Library. The cost to photocopy or print in black and white is $.25 per page and $1.25 per page to print or photocopy in colour.

Before printing, please ask the circulation desk.  All photocopying and printing must comply with the Canadian Copyright Act